Sudzers August 2019 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In August’s meeting, we met a few new members and tasted eight delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


In all, we had eight brews:

BREWER            BEER                                  IBUs  ABV
Evan and Sara     Solera Base                           20    4.5%
Mikael            Kveik & Easy Pale Ale                 37    4.9%
Derek W.          Citra Maris SMASH AmerEnglishish IPA  40    5%
Steve & Derek H.  Y27 Saison                            10    6%
Robert            Sorachi Ace Saison                    ~30   5.9%
Adam              Saison(?)                             -     7.2%
Chet              Altbier                               -     7%
Robert C.         Double Double Kveik DIPA              48    8%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up!