January 2016 meeting notes

Hopefully everyone’s recovered from our first meeting of 2016! We saw a lot of new faces and got to drink some great homebrews, a cider, and even a limoncello.

– Derek took money for club dues. If you weren’t able to pay last night, you’ll be able to pay at any of the future meetings.
– Steve compiled a list of ideas for events and will send out a survey to the mailing-list where you can vote on the events you’d most like to see the Sudzers put on this year.
– No one at the meeting volunteered to brew at Freewheel’s 1st Annual Battle of Brew Clubs on January 24th, so if you’re interested, please speak up! You’ll get to meet members from other clubs, brew, and drink beer! What better way to spend a day?

In all, we had fourteen homebrews, a cider, and a limoncello.

BREWER(s)      BEER                               IBUs  ABV
Gerad & Tyler  Hefeweizen                         15    5.9%
Mikel & Bill   Pilsner                            42    5.6%
Derek H        Belgian Golden                     30    6%
Don            Pale Ale                           47    5.7%
Rob            Saison                             -     6%
Gerad & Tyler  Saison                             15    7.9%
Jim            Sorachi Ace Saison                 35    7.5%
Jason          Cider                              -     8%
Justin         Smash IPA                          58    6.2%
Rich           Heretic's Evil Twin (recipe below) 44    7.3%
Jared          Red IPA                            110   5%
Gerad & Tyler  Oatmeal Stout                      -     7%
Adam           Chocolate Milk Stout               -     7.9%
Charles        Russian Imperial Stout             100   10.1%
Derek W        Barrel Aged Barleywine             lots  12%
Marc-Andrey    Limoncello                         -     32%

Rich’s Evil Twin clone was well received, and he was nice enough to share the recipe:

11.5 lbs Maris Otter
1 lb Munich I
12oz Crystal 40L
6oz Crystal 120L
6oz Pale chocolate malt
6oz Victory

4.5 gallon strike water
Single infusion, target temp 152 degrees
60 minute mash
2g Calcium Chloride in mash
2g Gypsum in mash

Boil (90 minutes):
.25oz Columbus @ 60 min
.5oz Columbus @ 20 min
1 whirlfloc tablet @ 15 min
1 tsp yeast nutrient @ 15 min
1oz Amarillo @ 10 min
1oz Citra @ 10 min
1oz Amarillo @ 1 min
1oz Citra @ 1 min
2oz Columbus dry hop for 6 days


OG: 1.080
FG: 1.021
ABV: 7.7%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up. See you next month!

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