February 2016 meeting notes

Valentine’s Day pushed our February meeting back a week, but it was definitely worth the wait. We saw some new faces, got a demo for an awesome new homebrew product, and got to try eleven homebrews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Derek took money for club dues. If you weren’t able to pay, you’ll be able to pay at any of the future meetings.
– Derek sold some retro-Sudzer t-shirts.
– Bottles of Dark Matter were distributed.
– Members of STEED Brewcraft (http://www.steedbrewcraft.com/#intro) presented their new kegging product designed to fit right in your refrigerator. Check out their website to learn more about this exciting new product.
– We discussed Stein’s 2nd Annual homebrew competition. Visit http://steinsbeergarden.com/event/2nd-annual-steins-home-brew-contest/ to learn more.
– The Sudzer homebrewer of the year award was presented.

In all, we had eleven homebrews:

BREWER(s)      BEER                               IBUs  ABV
Derek W        Belgian Single 1                   30    5.3%
Derek W        Belgian Single 2                   30    5.3%
Rob C          Belgian Pale                       -     5.5%
Mark Andrey    Rich's Evil Clone                  40    6.5%
Jesse          JK3 Brown Ale                      -     6.8%
Don            New Moon Dry Stout with Coffee     37    4.0%
Rob C          Sweet Stout                        30    5.8%
Joanna D.      Alaskan API (ALIPA)                -     4.7%
Adam           Mosaic Pils                        -     6.9%
Charles        Hop Fu IPA                         100+  7.1%
Jared          Xlunutiny Stout #2 (RIS)           -     10.5%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up. See you next month!

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