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November 2016 meeting notes

In November’s meeting, we tasted a mead and eight delicious homebrews, and we also had five first-time attendees! Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Welcome Roy, Jason, Dennis, Bram, and Sean to their first Sudzer meeting!
– At the 2016 Dark Matter Brew Day, David F. and Marc-Andrey brewed batches of the huge beer. We look forward to bottling day to see how they turned out!
– Congrats to Mikael who received third place for his porter at the California State Homebrew Competition at Anchor.
– Just a reminder that there is no meeting in December. More details to follow on when and where the 2017 meetings will be held.
– The current plan is to hold annual Christmas party at Marc-Andrey’s house on December 10th. More details to come.
– If you’re interested in becoming a Sudzer Officer, then please e-mail me at with what position you’d like: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Officer.
– Also, please e-mail me at with any nominations you have for Homebrewer of the Year. The officer and Homebrewer of the Year awards will be decided at the Christmas party.
– We discussed ideas about a bulk hop purchase and a shared equipment spreadsheet. Stay tuned for more info on both.

In all, we had eight brews and a mead:

BREWER                 BEER                    IBUs        ABV
Jason C.               Altbier                 low         <5%
Jason C.               Oktoberfest-style Ale   low         <6%
Mikael                 Rye is on the Saison    26          7.7%
Roy Z.                 Dunkelweizen            -           -
Kevin                  Stout                   -           4.73%
Steve H. & Derek H.    Mat's Graduation Beer   high        8%
Charles                Lil' Bastard            not enough  7.6%
David J.               Pinot Gris(?) Mead      0           13.7%
David J.               Barley Wine             100+        13.4

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up. See you at the Christmas party!

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