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Sudzers October 2017 meeting notes

In October’s meeting, we met some new members, did the off-flavor tasting of the month, and tasted thirteen delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Congratulations to Marc-Andre and Jenn on their new addition to their family!
– Welcome new members Cliff and Mark!
– Derek W. handed out Polo shirts to all paid members
– Steve H. recapped another incredible NCHF. Did we actually have *too much* beer!? We’ll discuss this before next year’s event.
– Marc-Andre has volunteered to host this year’s Dark Matter Brew Day, which is tentatively set for November 11. More details to follow.
– Rich has volunteered to host this year’s Christmas Party, which is tentatively set for December 9. More details to follow.
– We’ll need volunteers to bring and/or serve beer for Stanford’s Beerfest on November 18. Danny will follow up with more details.
– Jim and Charles hosted the off-flavor of the month: acetic acid. Learn more about it at
– Judges are needed for the Queen of Beer 2017 competition:

In all, we had thirteen brews:

BREWER             BEER                                  IBUs  ABV
Christy A.         Anise Goose Gose                      5     5.5%
Marc-Andre         Wheat n' Rye n' Stuff                 22    5.3%
Adam               Jack Fruit Saison                     -     5.2%
Cliff S.           Saison/Mixed Ferment Ale              30    6.2%
Marc-Andre         La Rousse a Line Irish Red            20    5.5%
Cliff S.           Scottish Ale                          20    5.5%
Jay P.             IPA (sort of)                         66    ~6%
Danny              Cascade 666 IPA                       66    6%
Rich K.            Bell's 2 Hearted Ale Clone            55    7.6%
Mikael & Bill      150 Julius NZ IPA                     85    6%   
Christy A.         Coco NEIPA                            60    8%
Steve & Derek H.   Bri's Fave Coconut/Nib/Van./Porter    -     6.5%
Derek W.           Coconut Dark Matter                   60+   11.7%

Thanks to Steins, Cupertino and everyone that showed up!

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