Master Cicerone Nicole Erny to speak at Sept. 7 Sudzers meeting

I am delighted to share that the Sudzers will have a special guest speaker at the September 7 meeting. Nicole Erny is one of only four Master Cicerones in the world, having demonstrated mastery of everything on this outline during a grueling exam that takes two full days to complete.

You can read more about Nicole at, or follow her on twitter at @Beer_Muse.
Nicole Erny
In her talk “Focus on Flavor: Taste (And Describe) Beer Better,” Nicole will present on the following: We enjoy fermented products because of the amazing depth of flavors they present, including many flavors that we detect in the parts per billion and less! Mastering the ability to describe these flavors takes dedication!  Many homebrewers and BJCP Judges reach a plateau in their ability to describe beer, relying on borrowed phrases and expectations rather than their own senses. This talk is designed to give anyone a set of tools they can use to bring their tasting and describing up to a next level.  In addition to contributing to everyday enjoyment, this is sure to assist in formal judging as well as exams.   

As usual, the meeting will begin with social time at 7:00, followed by a brief discussion of club business at 7:15. Nicole’s talk will begin at 7:30 and will last approximately one hour, after which we will evaluate the homebrews people have brought (maybe with all sorts of new-found ability to describe what we’re tasting!).

Also, be sure to arrive early enough, and with enough cash, to purchase one (or more!) of the brand-spanking-new, hot-off-the-silkscreen, Sudzers t-shirts before the 7:15 start of the business meeting.  The shirts were designed by our very own Doug Weitz, and feature a very cool 4 color graphic inspired by an integrated circuit (You’ll have to come to the meeting to see it!) Mens t-shirts will be $20, and ladies’ t-shirts will be $25. Supplies will be limited, so be first in line to purchase one!

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday.




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