Sudzers June 2019 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In June’s meeting, we met some new members, learned all about hops, and tasted seven delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


In all, we had seven brews:

BREWER           BEER                                IBUs  ABV
 Xabriel         No name Munich Dunkel               21    3.7%
 Kevin           Little London Brown                 21    4.2%
 Derek W.        1826 Berliner Braun Bitterbier      60    5%
 Mikael & Bill   BUD on Warp Milkshake IPA           35    6.5%
 Kevin           Beermosa Premix NEIPA               57    6.3%
 Stephan         Melon Man V2 NEIPA                  ??    6%
 Noah'           Pliny the Elderberry W Coast IPA    ~75   8%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up!