Sudzers July 2020 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In July’s virtual meeting, we met a new member, learned about Imperial Yeast, and shared seven delicious homebrews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


In all, we had seven homebrews:

BREWER     BEER                                   IBUs  ABV 
Tim C.     Hop Glow Light Hop Bright Ale          22    6.2%
Robert R.  Pale Ale                               44    5.0%
Mikael     Dry Saison, dried with ultraferm       32    5.8%
Tim K.     Saison with Kumquats                   10    9.7%
Tim C.     McMalty German Double Bock             35    5.8%
Tim C.     Black Bullet Whisky Barrel Aged Stout  56    6.8%
Derek W.   Plum Barleywine                        60+   8.4%