Sudzers September 2020 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In September’s virtual meeting, we discussed plans for an upcoming BJCP exam, heard from Clandestine’s Rob Conticello about his experience opening a brewery, and shared seven delicious homebrews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

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– Mikael is organizing another BJCP exam prep. If you’re interested in participating, please check out Roberts email and sign up at
– Guest speaker Rob Conticello of Clandestine Brewing spoke about his experience opening a brewery. Thanks for all the insights, Rob! For any Sudzers, make sure to out Clandestine Brewing in San Jose (!
– Several of our members got together to share beers with each other. During the meeting, each brewer talked about their beer and got feedback from the people they shared it with. Thanks to everyone who participated!
– All shared recipes can be found at If you’d like to have your recipe shared on the site, then please email it in any format to Full info can be found at
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In all, we had seven homebrews:

BREWER      BEER                                       IBUs  ABV
Marcos      Vienna Lager                               25    5%
Mikael      Lemon Saison                               27    6.3%
Robert R.   Strong Saison                              26    7.8%
Anil        Mo Bettah Blume SMASH IPA                  44    6.2%
Robert C.   Cloud Compute Citra IPA (Weyermann Barke)  43    5.7%
Robert C.   Core Dump Citra IPA (Mecca Grade Pelton)   54    7.0%
Chet        Sour Wheat                                 10    7.8%