Sudzers October 2020 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In October’s virtual meeting, we met several new members, had an awesome presentation about “Hazy Science”, discussed plans for an upcoming BJCP exam, and shared six delicious homebrews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Welcome new members, Vickie and Thom!
– Remember, membership dues need to be made every calendar year. If you haven’t paid yet, then you can make a payment of $25 to Derek via paypal at
– Mike C. and Cliff bottled the Solera brew. Robert C. will coordinate the bottle distribution to the members who contributed.
– Mike C. will send out a message to update us on bottling/refilling the barrel that’s currently storing a collab Saison.
– Robert C. and Derek W. will be coordinating the Dark Matter Bottling day.
– Mikael gave us an update on the BJCP exam prep. Details can be found at
– Jim Withee of GigaYeast ( gave a wonderful talk on Hazy Science. Thank you, Jim, I think we all learned a lot from it! We’ll send out the presentation to the list as soon as we get it.
– Several of our members got together to share beers with each other. During the meeting, each brewer talked about their beer and got feedback from the people they shared it with. Thanks to everyone who participated!
– All shared recipes can be found at If you’d like to have your recipe shared on the site, then please email it in any format to Full info can be found at
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had six homebrews:

BREWER      BEER                                       IBUs  ABV
Mikael      Wheats N' Fruit Wheat Beer                 9     5.6%
Robert R.   Best Bitter                                32    4.2%
Derek W.    American Wheat with Citra                  30    6.4%
Thom H.     Solo Sorachi, vol. 3 White IPA             51    6.5%
Robert C.   Glitchy SMASH Strong Pale Ale              50    6.7%
Mike C.     It's my party, I can Rye if I want to IPA  91    6.2%