Sudzers September 2021 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In September’s meeting, we met some new members, discussed this year’s club brew, and tasted nine delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– We welcomed several new members, Alex and Toai. Welcome to the club!
– Robert researched upcoming competitions and will upload the details to the website’s calendar.
– Mikael recapped the recent BJCP exam. Results should be available in a few months.
– We mentioned a few months ago that we’ll be doing something new for this year’s club brew. We traditionally brew Dark Matter, but this year, we’ll be holding a comp, and the winning beer’s recipe will be the club’s brew for this year. The competition will be held in November’s meeting, so if you’re interested, then please bring your beer to that meeting.

– Remember, membership dues need to be made every calendar year. If you haven’t paid yet, then you can make a payment of $25 to Derek via paypal at
– All shared recipes can be found at If you’d like to have your recipe shared on the site, then please email it in any format to Full info can be found at
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had nine homebrews:

BREWER     BEER                                    IBUs   ABV
Derek W.   MEX-KWG Mexican Lager                   20     5.2%
Andrew K.  Cucumber Pilsner                        35     5.1%
Kevin W.   Let us never speak of it again Saison    5     7.74%
Alex       Mosaic Pale Ale                         20     5.6%
Mikael     Garden Fresh APA                        60     5.5%
Chris K.   Lightbringer! Hazy IPA                   -     6.66%
Charles    XX Bitter Some Kinda Belgian            76     6.7%
Robert R.  Bier de Noel                            26     8.2%
Kevin W.   Noche milkshake Pastry Stout            78     10.3%