Sudzers March 2022 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In our first meeting of the year we discussed upcoming competitions and tasted twelve delicious brews. Thanks to Stein’s and everyone who showed up!

– We’re still looking for volunteers to take over as club President, Vice President, and Competition Guru. Please let myself or any other current officer know if you’re interested in any of these positions.
– Our next club brew will be Robert R.’s Biere de Noel, but we still need to organize a brew date. Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting.
– The World Cup of Beer is coming up on Saturday, April 2. Good luck to all those that entered!
– Homebrew Con Competition Registration opens March 22. More info can be found at

– Remember, membership dues need to be made every calendar year. If you haven’t paid yet, then you can make a payment of $25 to Derek via paypal at
– If you haven’t already, please join our Discord server at All official communication (meeting information, event information, etc.) will continue to go through the mailing list, but Discord provides us a convenient way to have smaller, quicker conversations, so we encourage you to join.
– All shared recipes can be found at If you’d like to have your recipe shared on the site, then please email it in any format to Full info can be found at
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had twelve homebrews:
Mikael’s Jamil’s Myburger Lager
Kevin’s Triumph Pale Ale
Kevin S.’s West Coast IPA
Tim T.’s White IPA
Stephan’s Black Cat Black IPA
Adam’s Nectarine Sourvisiae Patch Kids
Sebastian’s Hoppy Kettle Sour
Andi & Tammi’s Off Dry Show Mead
Andi & Tammi’s Semi-Sweet Show Mead
Kevin’s American Barleywine
Dan’s Allison (Gordon Strong Tripel)
Steve H.’s Porter