Sudzers June 2023 meeting notes

Hello Sudzers,

For our June meeting, we discussed this year’s Santa Clara County Homebrew Competition. Then we tasted some homebrew. Thanks to Stein’s and everyone who showed up.

– The 7th Annual Santa Clara Homebrew Competition will be held July 22. The Sudzers are co-organizing with the Grain Trust. For those interested in judging or stewarding, fill out the questionnaire at by June 16, 2023. For those who would like to enter the competition, details and the registration link are available at: Registration deadline is June 28.

– The off flavor of the month was benzaldehyde which gives beer an almond smell/flavor. Thanks to Mikael for putting this together.

– We discussed possible presentations on beer styles. Sebastian will give a presentation on kettle sours at the July meeting

– The beer we tasted was Allen’s Russian imperial coffee stout made with medium roast coffee and hazelnuts (7.8% ABV)

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