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October 2016 meeting notes

In October’s meeting, we were visited by several members of the Gigayeast team, tasted fifteen delicious homebrews, and met a new member of the Sudzer community. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and see you next month!

– Derek distributed t-shirts to all paid 2016 Sudzers club members that signed up on the Google spreadsheet. Anyone who still hasn’t picked up their preordered shirt(s) should make arrangements directly with Derek before October 15, or they will become part of the club inventory.
– Tim has put together a schedule for a public-transit pub-crawl in San Francisco on October 15th. Details available at
– Dark Matter Brew Day will be held on October 29th at David Fortune’s house. Details with time and address to come.
– The end of the year is approaching, which means the Sudzers Christmas Party, and the most important of election of 2016 (the Sudzer Officer Election) are upon us. Details to come.
– Derek mentioned trading beer tours with the MadZ’s. Details to come.
– Cassie, Amelia, Matt, and their “assorted entourage” joined us from Gigayeast to gather notes and taste beers made with an experimental yeast they gave out roughly five months ago. I think we can all agree that this is a highly attenuative, easy-to-use, characterful Saison yeast. Thanks for coming by, and we hope to see you at future meetings!
– Please e-mail any fermentation or tasting notes for your Gigayeast Saison to Amelia at
– Thirsty Third Thursday will be held at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose on October 20th.

In all, we had fifteen brews:

BREWER             BEER                                IBUs  ABV
Derek W.           Citra Saison                        35    7%
Charles            Sauvon Saison                       22    7.3%
Adam C.            Saison                              -     7.5%
Jim W.             Saison J                            35    7.6%
Robert C.          Sour Saison                         30    6%
Joanna             N-120 Bohemian Pils                 -     5.25%
David J.           Hefeweizen                          -     6.1%
David J.           Blueberry Hefeweizen                -     6.3%
Danny              Wet Hop IPA                         85    5%
Marc-Andre         Earl Grey Session IPA               100   5.2%
Robert C.          Belgian Not So Strong               25    7.3%
Derek W.           Coconut Porter                      35    6%
Steve & Derek H.   Rye Barrel Porter                   -     8.5%
Justin V.          Imperial Porter                     75    10.09%
David J.           Belgian Quad                        80    9.7%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up. See you next month!

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