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Sudzers March 2017 meeting

Hello Sudzers! Our next meeting will be held at 4:00pm on Sunday, March 12th at Steins Beer Garden in Mountain View.
895 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

– Last meeting, we decided that we would bottle the Dark Matter this Sunday, March 11th. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to host the bottling this day, but please stay tuned for the new date and location.
– Reminder of the Anchor-clone competition in June. Get brewing!
– Steins is hosting their 3rd annual homebrew competition. Beers can be dropped off at Steins from March 11-16. More details at
– We’re looking for volunteers for the Santa Clara County Fair Homebrew competition this summer.
– Has Thirsty Third Thursday run its course?
– Review of upcoming competitions.
– Adam will give a short presentation on the basics of building your water profile from reverse osmosis water.
– Charles will bring in some hop hash. (Totally legal, I promise.)
– Charles and Jim will do the first off-flavor tasting.
– Homebrew evaluations. Remember, bring your recipe – club members will have lots of questions! Sign in your beer along with your name and statistics (IBU, ABV, etc.). The info is optional, but helpful in determining tasting order.

See you Sunday!

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