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Sudzers July 2018 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In July’s meeting, we learned why beer tasting is unfair, covered a lot of business items, and tasted eleven delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Derek collected membership dues: You can still pay via paypal to
– Derek sold shirts: $15 for polos, $10 for t-shirts, $5 for clearance t-shirts
– Tickets for NCHF go on sale July 15th ( If you’re attending, please fill out the spreadsheet at so we can coordinate who’s going, who’s bringing what, etc.
– Would anyone like to volunteer to build a glass rinser for NCHF? Please email the list if you’re interested.
– Also, please let us know if you have the club’s jockey box.
– Tim has volunteered to host Dark Matter Brew Day. More details to come. Thanks, Tim!
– We still need a volunteer for the Christmas Party. Please email the list if you’re interested in volunteering.
– Steve H. and Adam gave a recap of HomebrewCon. There was a ton of beer and plenty of great presentations. Next year’s will be held in Rhode Island.
– Mikael gave us an update on the BJCP exam coming up in January, 2019. Signups for the exam will be on a first come, first served basis, based on the completion of the online exam. Prior to the exam in January, we’ll have 10-12, weekly training sessions beginning in the Fall.
– Judging for the Santa Clara County Fair Homebrew Competition will be held July 21st. Derek will be holding a prelim round at his house in Redwood City. If you’re interested in participating in either of those, then please email Derek at
– Cliff gave us a presentation on why beer tasting isn’t fair. We used the tasting kit at to test our tastebuds. Check out the presentation at

– All shared recipes can be found at If you’d like to have your recipe shared on the site, then please email it in any format to Full info can be found at
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had eleven brews:

BREWER             BEER                             IBUs  ABV
Kevin W.           Blonde Experiment                17    6.2%
Mikael             Cold One Kolsch                  26    4.75%
Steve & Derek H.   Empty the keg Saison             ?     6%
Cliff              Brett Farmhouse                  29    6.1%
Danny              Juicy Brett Beer                 24    6%
Danny              Juicy NEIPA                      24    6%
Colten             Azacca SMaSH                     -     6.2%
Adam               Doppelsticke                     -     7.3%
Colten             Raspberry Porter                 -     7.2%
Craig              More Heavy Than Wee, Wee Heavy   28    9.9%
Derek W.           Dry Pomegranate Apple Cider      0     8.8%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up!

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