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Sudzers August 2018 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In August’s meeting, we met at Mike Conant’s house in Aptos, ate a potluck BBQ, discussed NCHF, had a bottle share, and even managed to taste some homebrews!

– NCHF IS COMING! NCHF IS COMING! It’s the weekend of September 14-15. We hope to see all of you for another year of fun and tasty brews. Sudzers all typically stay in the upper campground. Some of us plan to head up on Thursday, and if you do this, you need to contact Lake Francis Resort directly and pay for Thursday night separately. If you haven’t already, purchased your pass, which includes camping, do it now!
– Derek is coordinating NCHF festival day including organizing who brings what items such as a canopy, club sign, board for listing available brews, and the club jockey boxes for serving. For those attending, please remember to bring your own CO2 tanks with enough connections to carb your beer. It would also be helpful to bring a picnic tap just in case we don’t have enough spots on the jockey box.
– Robert is coordinating NCHF Hoppy Hour. As last year, he will work with you to collect all the Hoppy Hour kegs together by Wednesday the week of NCHF. He will drive the Hoppy Hour kegs up on Thursday and leave in cold storage over night so they are cold and settled. We don’t want foamy beers. Bleeah!
– If you’re attending NCHF, please fill out the spreadsheet at so we can coordinate who’s going, who’s bringing what, etc. We are still a few kegs short on Hoppy Hour beers. Hoppy Hour beers need to “sessionable”, so under 7% ABV.
– We are still looking for a volunteer to host the Christmas Party. Please email the list if you’re interested in volunteering.
– Don’t forget, the BJCP exam is coming up in January, 2019. Signups for the exam will be on a first come, first served basis, based on the completion of the online exam. Prior to the exam in January, we’ll have 10-12, weekly training sessions beginning in the Fall.

I can’t remember in total how many brews we had but they came from:
Kevin W.
Several from Cliff
Several from Marc-Andre
Several from Mike Conant including a tasting of the NCHF Dark Matter keg

A HUGE thank you to Mike Conant again for hosting us and everyone that showed up with tasty food to share!

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