Please enjoy this collection of informative “Sud Talk” presentations from Silicon Valley Sudzers homebrew club meetings and other events.

Sudzers 2023 CFO Report, by Derek Wolfgram (January 2024)

Kettle Sour Beers by Sebastian Brisbois (August 2023)

Hoppy Lager: IPL or Cold IPA? by Robert Curlee (March 2023)

Black IPA, by Stephan Piotrowski (October 2022)

Imperial Yeast, by Nina Houts (July 2020)

Imperial Yeast’s Forced Fermentation Test, by Nina Houts (July 2020)

Imperial Yeast’s VDK Qualitative Test, by Nina Houts (July 2020)

Barrel-Aged Saison – An Aptos Barrel Club Project, by Mike Conant (July 2020)

Silicon Valley Sudzers – Ideas for Great Club Events, by Matt Bolling (April 2020)

Brewing with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and Bru’n water primer, by Cliff Sullivan (March 2020)

History of Stout, by Adam Campbell (March 2020)

Stouts (BJCP style), by Adam Campbell (February 2020)

History of Trappist Ales, by David Wilson (January 2020)

Trappist Ales (BJCP style), by David Wilson (October 2019)

Oktoberfest and Festbier History, by Robert Curlee (September 2019)

Oktoberfest, Marzen, and Festbier (BJCP style), by Robert Curlee (July 2019)

Kolsch: History and BJCP style, by Robert Curlee (July 2019)

Hops: The Chemistry of Bitterness and Other Hop Flavors, by David Fortune (June 2019)

Kolsch (BJCP style), by Mikael Hakansson (May 2019)

Heterofermentative Yeast and Their Applications In Brewing, Or why Sacch and Brett are overrated, by David Wilson (May 2019)

Spunding: The What, The Why, and The How + Pros & Cons, by Cliff Sullivan (March 2019)

Using a Tilt Hydrometer (because we’re in Silicon Valley), by Kevin Wolf (February 2019)

BJCP Exam Tips, by Derek Wolfgram (November 2018 for BJCP Exam Preparation)

Important Home Brewer Practices that Really Aren’t, by Mike Conant (October 2018)

Beer Tasting (and why it’s totally unfair), by Cliff Sullivan (July 2018)

Fermentation and Temperature Control, by Mikael Hakannson (June 2018)

Sudzers Dark Matter 2017 Blending and Bottling Day, by Marc-Andre Harvey (May 2018)

Danny’s Brew House, by Danny Mejia (May 2018)

Homebrew Yeast Harvesting and Reuse, by Matt Neissa, Yeast Propagation Engineer, Gigayeast (March 2018)

Kevin’s Apartment Brewing Setup, by Kevin Wolf (February 2018)

Robert’s HERMS system, by Robert Curlee (January 2018)

Getting Started With Homebrewing, Mike Conant and Derek Wolfgram (January 2018 for Redwood City Public Library)

Water Basics, by Adam Campbell (March 2017)

The Art of Fermentation, by Jim Williams (August 2014)

Intermediate Homebrewing, by Andrew Carroll, Doug Weitz, and Derek Wolfgram – with special thanks to Justin Vincent and Mike Conant (June 2014 for Palo Alto City Library)

Carbonation, by Charles Stevens (June 2014)

Making Sense of Mash Temps, by Justin Vincent (May 2014)

Backyard Brewing, by Mike Conant, Derek Wolfgram, and Andrew Carroll (December 2013 for Palo Alto City Library)

Brewing Water, by Mike Conant (November 2013)

Cleaning and Sanitizing for Homebrewers, by Vern Tegger (April 2013)

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