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Sudzers January 2018 meeting notes

Happy New Year! In January’s meeting, we reviewed our financial report, discussed upcoming events and ideas for 2018, presented the Homebrewer of he Year award, viewed Robert C.’s homebrew setup, and tasted twelve delicious brews. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

– Derek W. is collecting dues for 2018. Dues are $25 and can be paid by cash at the next meeting or via paypal to
– Derek W. is also selling t-shirts: $15 for polos, $10 for t-shirts, $5 for clearance t-shirts.
– Derek W. discussed our financial report for 2018. You can view it at
– Congratulations to Robert C., the Sudzers’s 2017 Homebrewer of the Year!
– Clandestine Brewing ( has been generous enough to offer the Sudzers a brewery tour. More info to come.
– Robert C. has malt from Admiral Malting ( for sale. A few Sudzers have already purchased some, and we plan on having all beers brewed with the malt presented at an upcoming meeting. More info to come.
– Steins 4th annual homebrew competition will be held in March. Info can be found at
– The National Homebrewers Conference will be held June 28-30 in Portland, Oregon. We suspect many Sudzers will be joining, so we’ll make sure we get everyone coordinated before the event. For more info:
– Robert C. gave a presentation on his homebrew setup. View the presentation at
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had twelve brews:

BREWER      BEER                           IBUs  ABV
D.          Old Yella Pilsner              29    5.8%
David F.    Winter LukeWarmer              30    4%
Derek W.    Shrill 2 Belgian Blonde        30    6%
Robert C.   Ruddy Quagmire Red Beet IPA    30    5.25%
Danny       Rye IPA                        70    6%
Chris K.    IPL                            -     6.7%
Adam C.     Citra Pils IPL                 -     6.7%
Derek W.    Pear Honeycrisp Cider          0     6.9%
Cliff       Porter                         23    5.4%
Cliff       Imperial Brett Saison          30    7.7%
Kevin       Not Really Cream Ale           -     8.8%
Danny       Barley Wine                    60    11%

Thanks to Steins and everyone that showed up!

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