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Sudzers March 2018 meeting notes

Hello, Sudzers! In March’s meeting, we welcomed Gigayeast, who treated us with glassware, yeast, and an extremely informative presentation on harvesting yeast at home. A huge shoutout and thank you to them for showing up!

– Derek collected membership dues: You can still pay via paypal to
– Derek sold shirts: $15 for polos, $10 for t-shirts, $5 for clearance t-shirts
– Dark Matter Bottling date is tentatively set for April 7th at Steve Hutzler’s house. We’ll send out a note to this list once that’s 100% confirmed.
– Mikael is organizing a BJCP exam for January 12, 2019. He will be sending out more info on the preparations, which will most likely begin late Summer/early Fall. Also, the exam can only hold 12 people, and we currently have more than 12 signed up, so once you complete your online exam, email Mikael at The first 12 to do so will get top priority for the exam.
– We are still planning to visit Admiral Malting’s for a tour of their malthouse and new tap room, plus bring beers made with their malt to share. Stay tuned for more info.
– Thanks to Cassie, Amelia, and Matt from Gigayeast for joining us and giving out glassware and yeast and then answering all our questions on yeast and yeast harvesting at home. It was extremely informative and certainly appreciated, and you all are welcome to come back anytime! Check out the presentation at:
– The National Homebrewers Conference will be held June 28-30 in Portland, Oregon. We suspect many Sudzers will be attending, so we’ll make sure we get everyone coordinated before the event. For more info:
– Steins 4th annual homebrew competition will be held in March. Info can be found at Please email if you’re interested in judging on March 24th, and don’t forget to attend their 5 year anniversary party on the 31st!
– For a list of all upcoming competitions, check out WoW’s awesome calendar:

In all, we had twelve brews:

BREWER       BEER                                IBUs  ABV
Adam         Maiden Voyage Light Lager           -     3.7%
Mikael       Kolsch                              25    5%
Christy      Kolsch #2                           -     6%
David        Boho Pils Rd 2                      35    6%
Christy      Murky Hefe                          -     5%
Cliff        Oh Hi Murk Rye Pale Ale             35    5.5%
Robert C.    Hidden Beach Super Saison           25    8.4%
Derrick W.   Hazy Days NEIPA                     30+   7.8%
Robert C.    Admiral Nelson British Nut Brown    27    4.7%
Marc-Andre   Wheat and Rye and Dark Stuff Ale    38    4.7%
Derek W.     Tropical Stout                      35    7.2%
Derek W.     Tropical Stout w/ Toasted Coconut   35    7.2%

Thanks to Gigayeast, Steins, and everyone that showed up!

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