June Meeting this Friday!

Hello Sudzers!  Just a quick reminder our June meeting is this Friday at 7pm at Nick’s house.

If you haven’t already bought tickets for the June 9 East Bay bus trip, please bring cash, checks, doubloons, etc. to get your tickets Friday night!  This will be the last meeting before the bus trip!

Agenda for this month’s meeting includes:

7:00 Social Time
7:15 Club Business

  • Bus Trip final preparation
  • “Most British” competition for the Sudzers mini cup (Nick, can we do a blind tasting similar to how we did the mystery hop beers last summer?)
  • June Thirsty Thursday location – Harry’s? Tied House? Wicked Chicken? (Keith & Michelle & Derek & I will be in Seattle for NHC)
  • July Meeting – Date Change due to Holiday
  • Presentation of Homebrews –  Style of the Month (besides British session beers): Light Hybrids (Cream Ale, Blonde, Kolsch, American Wheat or Rye)

For the first annual British Beer Cup, we will be using the following judging criteria (thanks Raghu!):

a. Flavorful and Balanced – Malt AND Hops – both in harmony (not just overly bitter) with fermentation derived esters (Fruity notes etc)
b. Attractive in a glass – not muddy and leaving nice lace.
c. Sessionable – Can you see yourself finishing a pint and ordering another (finishing dry, not too bitter, not too sweet etc.) Would this go with a good hunk of rustic bread, some Cheddar and pickled onion 🙂

To steal from Lew Bryson’s session beer project

  •  4.5% alcohol by volume or less (low alcohol not low taste)
  •  flavorful enough to be interesting
  •  balanced enough for multiple pints
  •  conducive to conversation

We’ve got a handful of entries so far, please bring your homebrew if you think it fits!

Always welcome: homebrews from any style to share.  Don’t have any homebrew on hand right now? Feel free to bring other interesting brews you’ve picked up. Don’t have a beer to bring? Please bring some snacks to share.

See you on Friday!

Welcome to the new Silicon Valley Sudzers site

The Silicon Valley Sudzers homebrew club has been around for nearly two decades, promoting the enjoyment of homebrewing and craft beer in the South Bay area.

We are in the process of redesigning our website to make it cleaner, easier to navigate and update, and to allow more members to contribute content easily.

For now, there’s not a huge amount here, but much more will be added over the next couple of months as we bring over content from the old site. In the meantime, the most important thing is our calendar of events, so you can see when you can meet the Sudzers at a club meeting, Thirsty Third Thursday meetup, club brew day, or other events.

We look forward to sharing a brew with you in person soon!

Derek, Sudzers President